Wall ball drills

Become a better passer and catcher!

Wall Ball

It's never "off-season" or a non-practice day if you have access to a wall. Try these tips for becoming a better passer and catcher:

Make a target on the wall, about eye level, hit the target a consecutive 25 times per drill, if you miss the target…restart from the beginning until 25 consecutive target passes are achieved.

Start 10 yards away from wall or a distance that allows you to throw the ball, in the air, against the wall while allowing one bounce before catching.

When catching, one cradle then out.  No twirling, nothing fancy.  Get the ball out after 1 “rocker” cradle.

  • 25 right hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 right hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 catches and passes with only one hand on the stick (builds forearm strength, try for target but don’t focus on it)

Also vary the distance from the wall

  • 5 yards no bounce when throwing or catching
  • 10 yards one bounce when catching
  • 15 yards get ball to wall in the air and hit the target, no limit on bounces when catching

Once the above is achieved and or is getting to be easy try different passing angles (i.e. overhand, sidearm, underhand, etc.)